Signature Dining

At Foxwood Springs, we look forward to each meal together. The warm and inviting dining rooms are the perfect place to get together, catch up on the latest happenings and enjoy a savory meal, crafted by our professional chef. Enjoy the comforts of fresh greens, crispy, homestyle fried chicken, pan roasted potatoes and buttered carrots, with a simple and sweet slice of our favorite homemade peach pie.

Fresh ingredients, select seasonings and fine bakery options set us apart from the rest. Along with our nutritious meals and savory cuisine, our knowledgeable and trained staff provide exceptional service, making every effort to provide a wonderful dining experience for our residents and guests. With Foxwood Springs signature dining, you can expect:

  • Three meals a day in our elegant dining rooms
  • A friendly and knowledgeable staff to serve you
  • Nutritionally balanced and well-rounded meals
  • Exceptional flavor and a variety of menu choices
  • Accommodations for special requests and dietary restrictions
  • Snacks and beverages available throughout the day


Wellness is a natural part of the day at Foxwood Springs. You might find yourself exploring the beautiful outdoors with your pet, enjoying a well-balanced meal in our dining room, playing group games with cognitive challenges that keep you thinking sharp, or sitting in one of our classes to learn a new skill. Allow us to support you in all of your wellness goals, and guide you to dream of new ones each day.

It’s a privilege to serve our residents in a way that inspires them to make the most of their retirement years, learning about all the things this stage of life has to offer. Part of how we do this is through our Optimum Life program that balances six key dimensions of wellness — purposeful, emotional, physical, social, spiritual and intellectual. We believe achieving wellness can include:

  • A journey of self-examination and discovery
  • Development of personal goals or challenges
  • Time for reflection and meditation
  • Physical fitness classes and programs
  • Learning and prevention of cognitive decline

How can we help?

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