Signature Dining

The dining experience at Freedom Pointe at the Villages goes above and beyond what you might find at most restaurants. Our dining rooms are elegantly designed with fine drapings and furnishings. Our wait staff stands by ready to assist and take your order. And when you sit down at your table alongside friends, you’ll have a regular rotating menu of delicious food to choose from.

And we are sure you won’t be disappointed when you take your first bite. Our trained chefs craft delicious and memorable dishes that leave the mouth longing for more. We offer a myriad of cuisines so you can explore different culinary delights. On one day, the entree selections might include spaghetti and meatballs, english pub cod, and roast sirloin of beef with gravy. Then the next day might include pork tenderloin with apple reduction, and baked trout almondine. And all of our meals ome with a selection of starters, sides, and desserts.

Here’s more of what you can expect from our high-end, signature dining experience:

  • Linen-covered tables with fine dishware and place settings
  • Chef prepared meals planned by a registered nutritionist
  • Attentive, tableside service from our wait staff
  • A rotating menu with different options each day
  • Ability to accommodate special requests and dietary restrictions
  • Snacks and beverages available throughout the day


Few things are more valuable than your health. And at Freedom Pointe at the Villages, we understand how important this is. So we’ve invested in ways to help our residents live their best life, like with our exclusive Optimum Life program. A program that features a variety of resources, classes and programs that target the six dimensions of wellness, ranging from emotional to physical and intellectual.

Whether it’s through a relaxing yoga class, enjoying a healthy meal or taking a course on mediation, our environment supports and encourages residents to be healthy in all aspects of life. Some ways you’ll see this unfold at our community include:

  • Informative health-related presentations
  • Engaging activities to improve your emotional and physical wellbeing
  • Insightful programs that encourage residents to get healthy
  • Excellent fitness classes for all skill levels
  • A supportive environment where residents and staff encourage each other

How can we help?

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